ROBIN MCGEOUGH (pronounced McGoff) is a Los Angeles based artist and founder of Dove Biscuit Studio.

"My work as an artist is inspired by my personal life experience, some of which includes my darkest hours. In 1982 I moved from Orange County California to pursue a theater arts degree from San Francisco University where I started creating stencils for sidewalks and punk rock jackets. This led me to become close friends with artist Michael Ray, who at the time, was a student at the San Francisco School of Art. We immediately bonded over our shared love of the crude expressionistic art style now known as 'street art.' Unfortunately, I later found myself drug addicted and homeless forced to sleep on the streets of San Francisco. During this time, art was the only area of life that gave me a sense of competence. I finally hit rock bottom in 1992 when I was arrested in Hollywood and sentenced to a 10-month county program for the chronically addicted. "

"I am now 21 years clean and sober and my current collection of paintings reflects the darkness and hopelessness of a troubled time flooded with the bold light and beauty of recovery from addiction. What I love most about the creative process is the escape that it provides from a painful reality. Art is my new drug of choice and I am totally addicted to it. Although it's my obsession, art is not my main profession; currently I am the director of a chemical dependence services at a local treatment center for psychiatric and chemical dependency problems -- which allows me to create without the pressure of creating for sale."

"I am extremely happy to say that I am living my creative dream. I am blessed with a beautiful art gallery and studio in the Spring Arts Collective in the heart of the DTLA Art Walk and it has allowed me to collaborate with unbelievably talented artists each month. What could be better then that!"